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A First-Timer's Guide to

Jan 16, 2019

If you're a first-time user at, welcome! In this guide, we aim to get you up to speed with all of our simple, easy-to-use chat room creation and management functions in order to help you make the most out of your experience here. Read this first, and you'll be on track to jump right into the fun.

Getting Started

If you've just arrived, the first thing to do is to create an account -- or not! Registration is completely optional, but it has its perks. In particular, registering makes your rooms persistent and keeps them under your control so long as they exist.

Room Creation for Non-Registered Users

If you don't want to register, don't worry. You will still have full use of our site, and it's every bit as easy to use whether registered or not.

1) From any page on our site, click the "Quick Chat" link at the top (or inside the hamburger menu, if you are on mobile or any other small screen).

2) Fill out the required information -- your desired username, gender, and birthdate.

3) Click the "create room" button beneath the form.

There is no step four! Chat will load shortly, and you will be in a chat room named after the username you supplied. For instance, unregistered users Bob and Jill will connect to the network as G|Bob or G|Jill (these are what unregistered users' usernames look like; the G| designates a "guest user", or a user who has not registered), and will be joined to the rooms ##bob or ##jill, respectively. The double-hash designates that the room is a "guest room," or a room created by an unregistered user.

Guest rooms are temporary. They last for as long as users are in the room. Once all users leave the room (including the room's owner, if still present), the room ceases to exist and must be re-created. Neither the names of these rooms, nor the usernames of the guest users who created them, are reserved for future use. To secure your username and the name of your chat room, registration is your best option. However, guest rooms are still perfect for one-time or irregular use.

Room Creation for Registered Users

If you are a registered user, and are currently logged in, the process of creating a chat room is a little different. Because registered users can create as many chat rooms as they want, the interface is different. Additionally, rooms you create will persist until you delete them intentionally, whether anyone is in the room or not. This is but one benefit of registering.

1) Log in.

2) Click the "create room" link at the top of any page on our site.

3) Once you arrive at the "Create Room" page, fill out the desired name of your room in the "Name" field. This differs from guest rooms in that you can give the room any name you want.

4) Fill out the message you want to appear above your room in the chat client software in the "Topic" field.

5) Type the content you wish to show up in the sidebar on the landing page for your chat room, where people will arrive when you share your room link with them. You can use this for a list of rules, or anything else you wish.

6) Select the category of your room -- whether it is intended for mature audiences or not, essentially.

7) Select your room options ("allow guests," "is secret room", etc). The default selection is fine for getting started if you don't want to tinker with these yet.

8) Click "Create Room"

After you finalize the creation of your room, you will be brought to your "My Rooms" page, where you can join all of your rooms with the appropriately titled button, or any of your individual rooms with their buttons. From this page, you can change any of your rooms' options, get a shareable link, or delete the room.

Managing Your Chat Room

With your room created, you can go straight to enjoying the chat experience. Your new room will show up in the chat client's room list, and other users can come visit you. offers many options for personalizing your chat experience and the experience users who visit your room will have, however. For instance, if you don't actually want strangers to visit your room, and want to preserve your room exclusively for use by people you explicitly allow, you can prevent it from showing up in the list and render it impossible to join manually.

We'll detail the options available in two separate sections below: "Shared Options," which covers what options are available to all users, and "Registered User Options," which covers options available only to registered users.

For context-specific help, have a look at the articles on our Support page.

Shared Options

Whether registered or unregistered, once inside the chat client, the software makes many options available to customize how your room behaves. If you are within a chat room where you have control, a room options button, which looks like a bullet-list of lines, will be available at the bottom-left of the chat window. Clicking this button will open a modal dialog with several tabs. By default, the "general" tab, containing the most frequently-used options, will be selected.

1) Room Topic/Banner: To set a message to display at the top of your room, fill out and set this field.

2) Moderated: Channels can be set up so that only certain people are allowed to talk. Enable this option to make your room behave this way. For help setting up the list of people who get to talk, have a look through the Support article Adding Moderators and VIPs.

3) Secret: To hide your room from the chat room list, enable this option.

4) Invite Only: To prevent people from joining your room through the room list or by joining manually with commands, check this option.

5) No Image Messages: To prevent image uploads in your chat, use this option.

For more details about these options, read the Room Modes article on our Support page.

Registered User Options

Because registered users have the ability to own and manage multiple chat rooms, there is a handy place where they can manage options for all of their rooms in one place without having to join them first. Use the "My Rooms" link at the top of any page on our site to see the list of rooms you own. From there, for any room for which you want to change options, click the "edit room" button -- represented a yellow sheet of paper with a wrench over it -- for access to a dialog where the same options as were available at room creation will be presented.

These Registered User Options do not encompass all of the options that you can change for your chat rooms, so be sure to read the Shared Options section above, or consult our Support page for more details!