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Chat v2 is Already Underway

Dec 27, 2018

We're completely rebuilding from the ground up the product we use for our chat service. Currently thousands of users and hundreds of webmasters are enjoying Stelivo Chat V1 for their communities and websites, however V2 has been underway for the last few months, completely redesigned from the ground up. Stelivo Chat V1 is already a completely unrivaled community chat product, nothing out there can match it's compatibility or features, but we're making it even better!

What to expect:

  • Newer themes, a much more sleek an prettier design. More attractive on desktop with accessibility to a lot more features that are currently buried in menu's.
  • Video and Audio. A 100% free video and audio service available to all individuals with control settings for room administrators. Determine who can use this service and moderate their usage.
  • Much faster, less laggy with the ability to hold a lot more users with a lot less stress on the individuals computers.
  • A lot more options for the end user as well as many more features for the chat administrator to moderate, control and customize the application in their website and the experience for their user base.
  • Monetization! The ability for users to spend money on virtual improvements for their chat experience and the possibility for the room owners to benefit from these earnings. You will make money from your chat room!

These are just a handful of the improvements to come, we don't want to give our competition too much of a head start, even though we're still light years ahead of the second best chat widget out there. Our goal will remain the same and we'll constantly strive towards achieving it, providing free chat rooms for both individuals to enjoy, but more important for webmasters and people to create their own community, enhance their website and connect with others.