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How to Get People in Your Chat Room

Dec 27, 2018

Having your own chat room is great right? but it's not a whole lot of use if there's not users in it! This blog will go into a bit of detail on how to get more users into your room.

1. Subject, Topics, Content

You're going to want to create a chat room that people are interested in, a topic that creates interest and more importantly has a demand. So make sure that you're filling a need, creating a gap and know of a few people who are interested in the same to help kick start your room population campaign.

2. In depth Description, Channel topic and room greet

Most of the successful rooms are indexed by Google on keywords that best define the chat room, in other words, make the description accurate and describe in detail what your chat room is for, make sure it uses keywords that people search for in Google, and in time Google will do the rest by ranking your page high for these keywords which will send chatters directly to you from Google. Use a catchy topic that draws people in and a informational room greet.

3. Guerilla marketing

Use the link provided that connects people directly to your chat room, post it on as many forums and different websites as possible. Create as many entry points to your chat as possible and post post post. It's also a great idea to post the link in other chat rooms as well as social media, hangout groups and more.

4. Be a respectful room owner

When people join your room, welcome them, keep them chatting and active. Be pleasant, don't be rude or kick people out because it's fun. It will create a trickle down effect that will attract chatty friendly people to your community who will keep the activity going.

5. Employ trustworthy staff

Don't just make anyone a Moderator, employ people to enforce the rules of your chat room who are responsible, chatty and make others feel welcome. Some people will trade moderation status in various rooms in exchange for just being in one another's room, to keep up the numbers, although this does make more users appear in your room, they're often just idling and not saying much which doesn't account much for quality.