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Introduction to WireChat

Dec 27, 2018 has been a project in the making for many years and is continuously being developed by a dedicated small team of individuals who's single aim is to build the ultimate community chat based application. It's compatible with all devices and browsers so that it's users can chat on mobile or desktop in the same environment. The product itself is used on many websites for entertainment purposes but has limitless uses such as community chatting, live support, corporate virtual meetings and more.

The goal of is to provide individuals and webmasters with a high quality chat solution for their individual needs. The average person can create a chat room, invite friends and have a their own personal piece of the internet to do with as they wish in private. A webmaster usage ranges from adding a chat room to their website to allow users to engage, use it for live support, meetings and so on.

There are several rival sites similar to WireChat, but we just don't feel they're offering enough, especially for free. WireChat's service will always be free and our product will never be complete. We're constantly working to add more features to give users more freedom and better abilities to manage their community. Video and audio is the next step, one of many.

Registration is not required to enjoy this service, it is encouraged as you get access to many more chat features by doing so and the safety of registering your chat room permanently, however as a Guest you can create a chat room and receive a URL to pass on to friends so they can join your chat. Users that do register receive the same and also HTML code they can paste directly into their website to make the chat page load inside your site. We still 100% run the chat software, however it will appear to your users that it's part of your website. There are also a lot of management options available to users that register and create permanent free chat rooms.

In the not so distant future we'll have a much prettier looking chat application that supports video and audio, still 100% free. WireChat will house a large community of webmasters and individuals all independently managing and maintaining their own chat service.