Room Modes

There are many options for how your room can operate, who can join, who can chat in the room, and so on. We refer to these as "Room Modes," and this item will tell you all about them.

To access the room mode options, from inside a chat room in which you have access, double-click anywhere in the chat text or empty space between and beside messages, or use the room settings button (see Figure 1) at the bottom left of the chat client window. This opens the Room Settings dialog, which contains several tabs, each with their own options. The "General" tab contains, beneath the "Room Topic/Banner" field, four checkboxes (see Figure 2). Their functions are:

  • Moderated: Checking this sets the room so that only people who are administrators, moderators, or VIPs of your room can chat. Others may try, but their messages will not show up. See the "Adding moderators to your room" topic for information about allowing people to chat when this option is checked.
  • Secret: Check this box to hide your room from the list of chat rooms on the network. Anyone wishing to join will need to type the command "/join [#roomname]" to enter.
  • Invite Only: If this box is checked, no one can join your chat room directly unless someone else who is in the room invites them. To do this, type "/invite [username]", where [username] is a user who is currently connected to the chat network.
  • No Image Messages: Enable this mode to prevent images from being uploaded into the room. Any user who attempts to upload an image will be able to see it on their end, but no one else will.
Figure 1: The "Room Settings" button. Figure 2: The "Room Settings" dialog. Click the indicated checkboxes to enable or disable channel modes. When you change a room mode from its previous setting, these notices will be displayed. This is what it looks like when you enable all available modes.