Sharing Your Room Link

You can share the link to your chat room with friends, family, and acquaintances anywhere with a simple, short URL that will take them directly into your chat room (unless it is set as "invite only" -- see the Room Modes topic for more details).

From inside your room, double click in the chat text or empty space between messages, or on the "Room Settings" button at bottom-left (see Figure 1), to bring up the Room Settings dialog. Go to the "Share" tab, which will display your chat room's URL, with a "copy" button next to it that, when pressed, will copy the URL to your clipboard (see Figure 2). Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you'd like to bring new people to your chat!

You can also share your chat room from your My Rooms page. Click the "Share Room" button (see Figure 3), then, in the modal dialog that is displayed, use the first "copy" button (see Figure 4) to copy the URL to your room to the clipboard. From here, you can share the URL wherever you like.

Figure 1: The "Room Settings" button. Figure 2: Select this tab and click "copy" to share your room URL! Figure 3: The "Share Room" action button. Figure 4: Click the indicated "copy" button to copy the URL to your chat room to the clipboard.