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Feature rich chat software for public community chatting, private one-on-one chatting, emojis, sounds, upload and send image notifications and lots more, with additional options available to registered users.

Privacy and many more configurable options are available to both the room creator and the end user, making this the best free chat software around.

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Some of the benefits WireChat.com brings to your website or chat community:

  • Most innovative and well maintained chat software. Constantly updated and compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • 100% free and without limitations. Users can create multiple rooms and manage an entire chat room network.
  • Multiple purpose software. Whether you're looking to entertain guests for a community based chat, live support for your website or more.
  • Online 24/7, even if your website isn't. This hosted chat solution is online 100% of the time.
  • Management interface allows you to control the experience of your community, customize it to your specifications and websites needs.
  • Advanced chatting features, private messaging, configurable options which will guarantee the retention of your users.
  • User registration is available so your members can register and reserve user names for frequent use.
  • Registration is not even required. You can create a free chat widget without having to register.
  • Advanced moderation and spam protection to ensure the safety of your community and employ others to help maintain the rules of your chat room.

Create your own personal chat room, set the topic of discussion and watch your room fill up with various users of the service. Room owners can alternatively set the room private so it's hidden from public view and available only to you users from your website or that you personally invite.

Users can browse the chat rooms list. Find specific chat rooms created by other users that fit the criteria of what you're looking for.